Command Center Furniture

Over the course of a typical work day, the experts in your command center will spend a total of six to eight hours, and perhaps longer, seated at their desks. The right command center furniture is crucial in allowing your key decision makers and systems operators to focus on their mission-critical work, rather than worry about ergonomic discomfort.


Understand, to Command

Determining needs starts with understanding how your operators will be using the command center furniture on a day-to-day basis. Conduct interviews with your team, take digital photos of the work area to be modified, and do a quick estimate of exactly how many command consoles you will need. This will benefit your team now, as well as when your project expands.


ImageVision can help you select the proper command center desks for your project by using our many years of experience and expertise helping clients design their command center. Contact us today to get started.


Made to Last

Our products are made to last, with a rugged, all-steel construction designed for 24/7 industrial and commercial use. Steel furniture also dissipates heat far more effectively than wood or pressed-wood furniture. Modular command consoles give you the ability to alter your furniture to meet your needs without paying for custom steel fabrication, and to easily modify as your business scales up or down. Our command consoles ship fully assembled for fast and easy installation.


All Your Command Center Furniture Needs

We offer furniture to suit the exact requirements of your command center. With options for rear doors and rear pull-out trays, our furniture allows for easy maintenance of your systems with little operator disturbance. Our all-black command center furniture provides a background that makes the screens stand out visually from the support structure of the monitor tiers. ImageVision consoles can also be constructed with privacy panels, producing an optimum environment for reducing operator distraction and increasing productivity.


Check out our all steel AgileVIEW consoles for a clean showroom finish command center.

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"I like the functionality of your consoles and the ability to accommodate additional process control equipment. Nothing about the consoles or your sales and support services disappointed me!"
Mill Supervisor Grain Processing Facility AgileVIEW 3-tier Control Console