Erie Insurance security room

Security starts with physical strength.  Our security desks are made from a 16 gauge multi-form reinforced frame sheet metal--solid steel.  Our locking cabinets have 18 gauge reinforced locking doors as well.  Using steel instead of another material, such as aluminium, is especially important in security applications.  As a general rule of thumb, steel withstands roughly three times the force of aluminium.


Configuration Options


You can place the locking hinged doors at either the front or the rear of the industrial computer desks, and CPU or equipment trays can be arranged to slide to the rear of the console.  Other options, such as rear privacy panels, ensure that our security desks and security consoles remain secure.  These privacy panels also provide an optimum environment for reducing distraction and increasing productivity.


We offer sit-stand adjustable workstations for security applications, which can be modified in the field to convert between the two.  Casters are also available for mobile security operations.


Three Tiers of Monitors


For a multi-monitor setup, we can provide monitor support up to three tiers high, with dual pivot monitor mounts, that support a total monitor load of 23 pounds.


Full specifications are available upon request by phone, fax, or e-mail. ImageVision also can have a consultant advise you on how to most effectively deploy your security desks and consoles.  We’ll be able to give you a response within 48 hours.


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Robert Nault with L-3 was asked what he liked best about his AgileVIEW console, and he replied, "Quality of the product and on time delivery".
Director of Procurement L-3 Communications AgileVIEW AgileVIEW 2-tier console used for HarborGuard®