Ethanol Processing Facility


New Energy Corporation needed to refurbish two operator consoles at their facility in South Bend, IN. The primary challenge of this application was the need for custom-sized tables to fit in the same footprint as the old consoles being replaced. The project engineer further required specially-size tables and computer station CPU cabinets to accommodate his existing hardware.

Existing Conduit


Another challenge in this application was the requirement to have the control room furniture and computer cabinets fit over existing conduit entries through the floor, which was addressed through precision AutoCAD planning with the initial proposal.


New Energy's budget was limited, and this customer decided to incorporate console tables rather than console desks including cabinets.  AbleVIEW tables provided an affordable, yet robust solution in many applications, and offer identical load rating specifications: a frame loading rate of 3,000 pounds and worksurface load rating of 500 pounds.


Operator ConsoleNew Energy Operator Console



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