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Equistar Chemicals needed to upgrade DCS system and control room furniture at their Mont Belvieu, Texas facility near Houston. The process engineers and facility operations personnel wanted a console configured in a large 'E' shape, in order to accommodate two operators with table workspace between them. This requirement was satisfied with a combination of two-tier consoles units, “pagoda top” ventilation fan assemblies, and additional customization.

Equistar Chemicals Control Room Furniture














Other criteria motivating Equistar Chemicals' final vendor selection were:

  • Custom Tables - The customer required a combination of single and double bull nose tables, some with privacy panels and some without. The challenge Equistar Chemicals Custom Tableswas to fit their target design's footprint within the space of their existing control room. Also required were file and supply drawer modules in some tables, constructed in a custom width to accommodate  Equistar’s specially-sized report documents.


  • Keyboard Drawers -  Each operator required a keyboard storage drawer mounted under the worksurface. Equistar further desired a wood grain laminate worksurface (pictured: "Red Oak").
  • Phones, Camera, Gate Controls - A special panel located between the two operators was required in the first tier of the Equistar Chemicals Phone, Camera, & Gate Controlsconsole. The modularity of our monitor and control housing design allows it to function as a highly flexible industrial enclosure system. Special control and instrumentation mounting needs are easy to meet with minor adjustments to our numerous modular console components.
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