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Black Hills Energy needed to update their operator console furniture and utilize LCD displays at their facility in Las Vegas, NV. The customer wanted a large U-shaped configuration of AbleVIEW modular components. Because their process control CPUs would be located remotely from the operator consoles, cabinets were not required, and sub-worksurface table configurations were selected. However, the operators needed space for storing keyboards, so pull-out style keyboard storage trays (with wrist rests) were included in the final design.


Another requirement in this application was the need for a variety of quad and double flat-panel monitor desk mounts. We recommended Ergotron freestanding desk stands with quad and double pivot monitor mounts, which gave the operators optimum visibility into both their process control screens and existing control boards. To ensure smooth installation and size requirements, an AutoCAD layout drawing of the console furniture within the control room floor plan was provided with our proposal.

Black Hills Energy Operator Console


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