Basic American Foods


Basic American Foods processes potatoes into food products at a plant located in Blackfoot, ID. This customer desired a rugged, long-lasting, all steel computer console suitable for 24/7 operation. After discussing their requirements, we recommended a series of AbleVIEW consoles.


The entire console series was 20 feet long, configured from three 48" wide two-tier units, 15-degree angled tables, and one 60" wide two-tier unit. The end unit included a custom-height second-tier housing with cutouts and mounting brackets for 12 process monitoring and security system 9" CRTs. The first-tier housing contained a blank panel to mount 3 additional 9" CCTV monitors and 15 pushbuttons.


The process control portion of the computer console included two tiers. The lower tier was supplied with exact cutouts for six panel-mounted touch screen monitors for displaying the operator interface software. This service, provided at no additional charge, ensured the field installation of control equipment remained efficient with a professionally-finished appearance. The upper-tier system was configured for 21” CRTs to be visible through optically coated glass. Optically coated glass is a standard ergonomic feature of ImageVision console furniture, which significantly reduces external glare and provides increased operator comfort and efficiency relative to standard safety glass.


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