Integral steel wireway channels reduce electrical noise in control center furniture and maintains isolation between power and control wiring.

Early in the design phase of our AgileVIEW product line, we consulted with systems integrators, engineering constructors, OEMs, and end-users to guide our development plans. Specifically, our mission was to learn which features were essential to for AgileVIEW to perform well in a wide variety of applications and demanding industrial environments, and incorporate these necessary features in our new product offering.


One question we asked: "What features would you like to see in our new product that you do not have in your current supplier's design?"

The suggestions we received were enlightening. Among them were several design elements that when correctly implemented, would actually improve electrical noise reduction and isolation in control consoles. As a result, these key findings and elements were incorporated in the AgileVIEW product development:

  • All-steel construction
  • Metal wireways running horizontally and vertically throughout each console line-up
  • Solid metal wireway dividers to separate power from control wiring
  • Ferrites on factory-installed SVGA analog video monitor cables

All-steel industrial control room furniture construction ensures that electrical noise generated in either the power or control wiring is isolated and reduced. Electrical noise is created by fast-changing signal conditions in control circuits, power controlled by power or lighting contractors in power circuits, or power circuits where variable speed drives are connected.


The use of solid metal wireway channels and dividers plays an important role in the reduction of electrical noise and the damaging and costly control systems interference it can create. Metal wireways and dividers provide additional shielding between magnetic fields generated by electrical signals and noise emanating from the control console wiring. The material used must be capable of conducting magnetic fields. In other words, it needs to be a ferrous material as opposed to a plastic or cheap non-metallic wireway used by some manufacturers of control room desks.


To further reduce electrical noise interference, we factory install high quality SVGA analog video monitor cables with ferrites in all standard screen positions. The ferrites are the small black cylinders located just behind the connectors on each end of the video cable (see the image below for an example). These black cylinders contain semi-magnetic beads that turn any electrical noise signals picked up by the cable into heat. This in turn eliminates unwanted electrical noise signals just before the equipment connection is made at each end of the cable. Cables with ferrites cost more, but in an industrial environment, they are often necessary. They prevent electrical noise signals from showing up as fuzz or flashes on your control room monitors, causing operator distraction and compromising operational safety.

The pictures below illustrate how these electrical noise reduction features were implemented.

Divided wire ways for separating power and control wires

Vertical and horizontal wire ways run throughout the console

SVGA Monitor Video Cable with Ferrites

Divided wireways are also included across all worksurfaces, wedges, turn angles, spacers and corner table units. This consistency in AgileVIEW's modular construction ensures that all cables can be run from end-to-end across the control room console line up, and maintains the necessary separation of power and control wiring.

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