Changes in the market impact customer preferences for data center furniture.

Data center server racks with IT Technical

Data centers are facilities housing large collections of servers, air conditioning equipment, communications networks, major power distribution and switching equipment, as well as fire and security systems. All of these are tied together and managed from a central operations command center. And, no differently than in a refinery or in the petroleum and chemicals industry, data center operators staff these facilities on a 24/7 basis. At the hub is a group of individuals managing computers, networks, and software systems from a collection of operator controls, which typically include various sizes of flat-screen displays. Furniture used in these applications needs to be robust enough to stand up to heavy use, and have the flexibility to adapt to rapidly-changing market and technology demands.


According to an article in the May 30, 2013 edition of the Wall Street Journal, the data center market is currently going through significant changes. A summary of the major changes:

  1. Owners face rising capital expenditures for the technology upgrades clients demand
  2. These expenses are rising at a time when rents are declining
  3. Large users such as Google and Amazon are building their own facilities rather than renting
  4. Space demand is growing from small to medium-sized data center tenants

These market changes may influence selection of a data center furniture supplier for a given project, leading to the following questions.


Change 1 - Rising capital expenses and rapidly changing technology

  • Is the data center furniture modular in construction and design?
    - When the data center client grows and demands more of the latest technology to service their needs, can the furniture easily be expanded or reconfigured using existing base units?
    - Can cabinet extensions be easily added to the furniture for larger equipment requirements?
    - Can small or large flat screen displays be added easily above existing tiers of screens?

Change 2 - Rising expenses when rents are declining

  • Is your data center furniture vendor competitively priced?
    - Does your vendor attempt to charge for site surveys and design studies?
    - When simple additions and upgrades are needed, do prices remain consistent and reasonable?
    - Are modules and color options available to exactly match existing furniture?

Change 3 - Large users building their own data centers

  • For large users, does your vendor have expertise to assist with multiple furniture layout options to meet your needs? 
    - When your primary concern is getting the right equipment in place, can your furniture vendor take the lead?
    - Is your vendor readily available and fast to respond to any RFQ revisions and changes you may have?

Change 4 - Growing number of small and medium sized clients or tenants

  • Does your furniture vendor seem just as invested in your small or medium-sized project as they are in larger projects?

ImageVision, Inc. is prepared to address all of these current and future data center market changes. We have a solution for each of the questions these changes motivate. Simply put, our mission is to take the stress and workload off of your desk, and place it on ours!

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