An overview of important evaluation criteria for selecting standard office desks versus industrial control room furniture.

Budget is key for any control room project. However, it is also important to recognize the significant differences between industrial console furniture and office grade furniture, where the latter may at first appear to be a budget-friendly alternative.  A comparison of several important factors is provided below.


Industrial: Designed for heavy continuous use 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

Office: Typically constructed for light use, e.g., 8-hour weekdays


Industrial: Rugged, all-steel construction

Office: Wood, particle board, extruded aluminum, plastic


Industrial: ImageVisions's AgileVIEW 48 inch wide desk (no monitor tiers) weighs 245 lbs.

Office: A typical 48 inch wide office desk weighs 50-100 lbs.


Industrial: Powder coat paint finish; tough protection from chips

Office: Laminated particle board; chips and scratches easily


Industrial: Cabinets and turrets constructed to reduce heat 

Office: Wood and particle board traps heat; reduces electronics' lifespan


Industrial: Typically, specialized ventilation options are available 

Office: Lack of ventilation may require addition of noisy equipment fans


Industrial: Cabinets and turrets themselves can serve as equipment enclosures 

Office: Metal enclosures usually need to be added for mounting controls


Industrial: Equipment subpanels and EIA racks can be added easily 

Office: These are usually not an option


Industrial: Modular construction for easy expansion or modification  

Office: Generally not easily reconfigured or modified for special requirements


Industrial: Offers built in cable management and electrical noise reduction

Office: Exposed cables are both unsightly and can be a safety hazard


Industrial: Consoles may be shipped fully assembled 

Office: Extensive assembly required, often complex or hindered by missing pieces


Industrial: Fast and easy move-in and set-up

Office: On-site assembly adds costly start up time


ImageVision, Inc. offers only heavy-duty industrial control room furniture. We do not sell light-duty computer consoles or other office grade furniture. A significant portion of our business is from repeat customers requesting additional units to add to our modular consoles. These requests may also originate from other control rooms in the same facility, or from sister plants who have seen or heard about the exceptional appearance, durability, functionality, and value of our products.  



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