An independent market survey revealed the unique needs of security-based applications.

On September 11, 2001, ImageVision was exhibiting at the Instrument Society of America (ISA) show in Houston, Texas. That morning, as we entered the lobby of the George R. Brown Convention Center, conference attendees were already gathering around available televisions to watch the live news coverage following the first airliner's crash into the World Trade Center. When the second plane hit the other WTC tower, we all knew the conference was over. What we didn't know was just how much that day's events would change our lives and our business for years to come.


In the months following the events of 9/11, ImageVision saw a significant increase in the number of security console furniture inquiries. Of particular interest were the diversity of industries and applications from which the new inquires originated. Example include, but are not limited to:

At the time, ImageVisions' primary applications expertise was in the area of industrial control rooms, with decades of collective experience, and not security monitoring equipment. Initially, we were not sure that the solutions we proposed to these inquiries were equally well-suited to the requirements of the security industry. To improve our knowledge, we enlisted the help of an outside consultant, who conducted a survey of security system OEMs, systems integrators, and end-users. Our goal was to discover any special customer needs that could potentially impact the features and options sought from security console furniture suppliers.


Our market survey quickly revealed a much greater use of 19 inch EIA rack mounted equipment in security applications when compared to an otherwise standard control room. The types of EIA rack mounted equipment involved in these applications included:

  • Digital video recorders (DVRs)
  • Camera controllers
  • Video switches
  • Access control equipment
  • EIA rack mounted monitors: both CRTs and flat screens
  • Fire systems controls
  • Emergency phone and radio equipment

This survey also indicated this rack-mounted security equipment would need to be housed in a variety of locations:

  • In cabinets below worksurfaces
  • In turrets above worksurfaces (incorporated in the design, not added on)
  • In accessory garages below the monitoring screens
  • In controls enclosures mounted within screen positions
  • In separate EIA rack cabinets matching the security desk units

Using what we learned from this survey, we were able to immediately implement design changes for both our AbleVIEW and AgileVIEW product lines to ensure we offered the optimal solutions for these security systems needs.

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