An overview of conduit and cable entry solutions for DCS furniture.

This article provides a visual overview of the various ways equipment cables may enter DCS furniture. During a distributed control system (DCS) upgrade or expansion, additional field wiring often needs to be added to either new or existing DCS furniture units in a control room. Some methods for incorporating new cables include:


Cable entry openings on the bottom of each cabinet:
Qty 1, 3-inch diameter opening on 26" wide AgileVIEW units
Qty 2, 3-inch diameter openings on 48" wide AgileVIEW units
AgileVIEW DCS Furniture_Bring Cables Through Cabinet Bottom Openings

Cables originating from the ceiling may enter an AgileVIEW unit through top-tier caps, using a tool such as the Greenlee sheet metal punch or cutter.
AgileVIEW DCS Furniture Cable Entry via Top Tier Cap

Conduit may enter through horizontal wireway plugs, as they are plastic and easily modified.
AgileVIEW DCS Furniture_Bring Conduit in Through Horizontal Wireway End Plugs


Cable raceways may enter a desktop via rear cable grommets.

AgileVIEW DCS Furniture_Bring Cable Raceways into Rear Grommet Openings



Conduits may enter through factory pre-installed conduit boxes painted to match the DCS furniture

AgileVIEW DCS Furniture_Bring Conduit in Through Factory Mount Conduit Entry Box


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