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Power Generation

Operators on the power generation industry require high quality control consoles. Our successes working with clients worldwide such as Saudi Electric Company, Duke Energy of Indiana, Lower Colorado River Authority, and Puerto Rico Electric Power reflect the reliability and durability of ImageVision consoles. Experience matters, and we can help you with your power generation control room, whether you manage electric, hydroelectric, refuse, solar, or wind energy.  We can also help with providing furniture for turbine and emissions control rooms or for recycling centers.



ImageVision consoles are made in the USA and ship fully assembled to global destinations. Our all-steel consoles are designed to survive industrial environments for many years and can be modified to fit your existing control room structure, features that enhance durability and preserve company resources. Learn about our AgileVIEW consoles which have been installed in central control rooms, relay rooms, boiler rooms and within many more applications.  


Adjustable and Modular

If your company requires control stations where operators may be standing, we offer both standing and adjustable height consoles, supporting comfortable and efficient use of workstations though flexible design. Our modular furniture allows for rack-mounted equipment in overhead or under-desk cabinets, or custom sub-panels. Additional monitor supports can be added as your operations grow. 


Do you need assistance on a project?  Contact us today and a professional sales representative will be happy to discuss the needs of your existing or future control room.

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All Steel furniture for any industrial control room AgileVIEW Series 2 U-shaped configuration

New tier design to accommodate wide screen displays for control rooms and security operations.

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Configure your consoles to fit your operator and production requirements Paper company recovery control room

Our most popular product line accommodates most types and sizes of flat screen displays.

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Heavy duty industrial furniture for projects requiring enclosures AbleVIEW industrial furniture

Our most rugged workstations have durability and flexibility for almost any application.

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Adjustable-height workstations for any application ErgonomicVIEW Sit-Stand Workstation

Our adjustable-height ergonomic workstations are ideal for sitting or standing applications.

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Mobile workstation featuring height adjustment up to 24 inches of range of motion ErgonomicVIEW Series 2 height adjustable mobile workstation

Mobile height adjustable workstation

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Case Studies

Black Hills energy needed to upgrade their existing console furniture. Our task was to create an AbleVIEW layout with the same footprint as their existing console.

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Industry: Power Generation
Kenneth responded to a survey asking what he liked most about AgileVIEW control room furniture.  He responded stating, "very sturdy and cosmetically appealing".  This order was for updating the Pulp Control Room. AgileVIEW all black 2-tier consoles were selected for this project.
Kenneth Gustine - Process Control Engineer Weyerhaeuser AgileVIEW Pulp Control Room