Power Generation

Power Generation

Our experience working with power plants and city governments means that we understand the specific issues and concerns that power plant operators have.  Experience matters, and we can help you with your power generation control, whether that’s electric, hydroelectric, refuse, solar, or wind.  We can also help with providing furniture for turbine and emissions controls for recycling centers.



Designed to survive industrial environments for many years, our furniture can be modified to fit your control room structure.  When installing control room furniture in a power plant, choose furniture that will last the lifetime of the plant, demonstrating durability and preserving resources.


Adjustable and Modular

We can also provide stand-up (or adjustable height) consoles at stations where fuel is received, allowing for operators to quickly move from station to station, and our modular offerings allow for rack-mounted equipment in overhead or under-desk cabinets, or even sub-panels on the side.

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Modular operator consoles for flat panel displays AgileVIEW-Control-Room-Furniture

Our most popular product line accommodates most types and sizes of flat screen displays.

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Fixed-height workstations for enclosed displays and equipment AbleVIEW Control Room Console

Our most rugged workstations have durability and flexibility for almost any application.

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Adjustable-height ergonomic workstations ErgonomicVIEW Sit-Stand Workstation

Our adjustable-height ergonomic workstations are ideal for sitting or standing applications.

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Our mobile sit-stand workstations Mobile-Height-Adjustable-Workstation

Mobile height adjustable workstation

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Case Studies

Black Hills energy needed to upgrade their existing console furniture. Our task was to create an AbleVIEW layout with the same footprint as their existing console.

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Industry: Power Generation
Michael Dewlen with BHP completed an addition to the AgileVIEW consoles on-site to and offshore project in Trinidad and Tobago. He rated his overall satisfaction 8 and gave a 10 on ImageVision service. Michael liked the monitor supports, customer service and support, and good delivery.  He commented on a sales rep stating, "Debbie Bisbano was fantastic throughout the process and was key to its success.  Her commitment to accurate and rapid responses throughout the entire process made this effortless.  
Electrical & Instrument Lead BHP Billiton AgileVIEW Angostura Gas Project - Trinidad and Tobago