The medical industry, encompassing everything from hospitals to the production of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, represents about eight percent of U.S. gross domestic product, and continues to grow along with population.  Furniture for medical services should keep in mind the longevity needed as new facilities will undoubtedly continue to operate decades into the future.


Flexibility in Deployment

Hospitals, the front line of medical care, will appreciate our ability to customize desks so that they can be configured in a sitting or standing position, and the ability to modify them with casters so that they can be wheeled to a patient’s side at a moment’s notice.  This is also useful with psychological evaluation.



We have also worked with hospital security facilities as well.  For example, we’ve deployed AgileVIEW for a two-tier security monitoring station which tracks RFID tags on newborns.


For the pharmaceutical and medical device production industries, we provide stand-up consoles which can be used for special tests and applications on the factory floor, or in the pharmacy office.  Our consoles can also be configured with all-steel, locking cabinets to keep pharmaceutical controlled substances secure.

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Modular operator consoles for flat panel displays AgileVIEW-Control-Room-Furniture

Our most popular product line accommodates most types and sizes of flat screen displays.

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Fixed-height workstations for enclosed displays and equipment AbleVIEW Control Room Console

Our most rugged workstations have durability and flexibility for almost any application.

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Adjustable-height ergonomic workstations ErgonomicVIEW Sit-Stand Workstation

Our adjustable-height ergonomic workstations are ideal for sitting or standing applications.

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Our mobile sit-stand workstations Mobile-Height-Adjustable-Workstation

Mobile height adjustable workstation

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Texmark Chemicals in Galena Park, Texas was asked what they liked best about AgileVIEW control room furniture. Mike Woerner's response was, "The look, the features (screen tilt, phone/ethernet/power jacks), durability, undermount cabinets."  Mike rated his satisfaction with our products as 10/10 and service, from proposal through order process, as 10/10 as well. Thank you Mike for your business!
Production Manager Texmark Chemicals, Inc. AgileVIEW AgileVIEW 2-Tier console with Graceport options