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Forest, Timber, and Paper Products

Wood is the original construction material, with the number of products made from wood growing with technological advancement. In recent years, ImageVIsion has increased business with pulp and paper mills seeking new or updated control consoles. Many new and repeat customers rely on the durability and flexibility offered by the AgileVIEW line of all-steel consoles for wet end, dry end, broiler, stock, prep wrap-line, winder units, and powerhouse control rooms.


The High Tech Timber Industry

Forest Products used to be restricted to "planks and boards", but modern timber techniques now facilitate the manufacturing of paper, cardboard food boxes, absorbent diaper fillers, and other common household goods. 


Demand for control room furniture for lumber mills is high: operators in this setting are required to work in tough conditions, possibly exposed to elements and byproducts, where they must monitor all of the processes required. While a typical workstation might quickly show signs of heavy use, ImageVision’s AgileVIEW and AbleVIEW consoles are built to withstand years of industrial wear and tear while maintaining a showroom finish.


Adapted to serve your needs

ImageVision control consoles have a modular design that adapts to the specific needs of the forest product industry.  There is no need to start over when a control room and its control processes grow, as ImageVision consoles can grow with the industry. Tiers and turrets for additional monitors, large screens, enclosures, special controls, or touch-pad membranes can be easily added to existing ImageVision desks.  Gasketed consoles, as well as fan and filter attachments designed to keep positive air pressure and ventilation of electrical and computer equipment in work-areas with particulate matter (such as sawdust, wood pulp, or lime dust) are also available.  


AgileVIEW consoles can be structured as sitting or standing workstations, allowing maximum workflow efficiency during peak operations. Also available are ErgonomicVIEW adjustable-height (seated-to-standing) workstations, for maximum flexibility in control rooms, supervisor offices, or in the lumber mill.


Furniture Applications for Timber / Forest Products Industry

  • Lumber Mill control rooms
  • Paper mills
  • Pulp mills
  • Powerhouses
  • Timber/Paper products
  • And many more...


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Industry: Forest Products
"Thank you for your control room design support. Once our control room consoles arrived, everyone here had a look at them and agreed that they totally blow away what we used to use."
Project Manager Systems Integrator for Consolidated Coal AbleVIEW 1-tier consoles with fans and filters for added ventilation