Forest Products

Forest, Timber, and Paper Products

Wood is the original construction material.  And the applications for wood products continue to grow with each technological advancement.


The High-Tech Timber Industry

Timber construction used to be restricted to “planks” and “boards". Modern timber techniques, however, use glulam, LVL and other structural composite products in an amazing array of industrial applications.  Timber’s cousin, paper, has also had numerous advances throughout history from papyrus to specialty papers such as bristol, vellum, and plain-ol’ copy paper.


These advances did not happen in a vacuum.  They were built on technological advances from electronic and computer technologies that allowed some of the smartest minds in the timber industry to imagine and engineer new possibilities.  Wood may be old as plant life on Earth, but make no mistake, timber and paper products are a high-tech industry.


Adapted to serve your needs

Our consoles have a modular design that adapts to the specific needs of the forest product industry.  We can provide enclosures for special controls or touch-pad membranes.  We can also provide gasketed consoles or even fan and filter attachments designed to keep positive air pressure and ventilation of electrical and computer equipment in work-areas with particulate matter, such as sawdust, wood pulp, or lime dust.  


And our adjustable seated-or-standing worksurfaces allow use of our desks in the control room or in the lumber mill.


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Our most popular product line accommodates most types and sizes of flat screen displays.

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Our most rugged workstations have durability and flexibility for almost any application.

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Our adjustable-height ergonomic workstations are ideal for sitting or standing applications.

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Mobile height adjustable workstation

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Case Studies

Georgia-Pacific needed to upgrade their Honeywell DCS system and wanted a control room console that would protect their process control equipment in a demanding environment.

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"We had some corporate folks come through last week for a visit. They toured the control room at the power and recovery facility and noted how good the consoles looked. They asked for brochures and a contact so I gave them your information."
Keith Yeager, Project Engineer RockTenn Paper Company AgileVIEW Powerhouse Control Room