AgileVIEW control room furniture install at a coffee production plant

Control room furniture, sometimes referred to as control room consoles, is an essential part of any control room. No matter the industry--aerospace, paper, oil and gas, waste water, power generation, etc.--your central control room is the most important room in your enterprise. It is the room where decisions are made and executed. When selecting control room furniture solutions, it is vital the consoles support the mission--not just through reliability, but also by promoting productivity.


Multi-Monitor or Massive Monitor


For control rooms, we offer furniture with monitor mounts up to three tiers high. Check out our newest control room consoles, AgileVIEW Series 2. These dual-width screen units fit monitors up to 24” wide, using standard dual-pivot mounts with quick release adapters. A popular add-on is our fixed-position large screen mounts. These support screens up to 65” diagonal, and can be mounted above two smaller screens on a 2-tier or 3-tier console. This allows flexibility for using split-screen applications, such as those used for production or security monitoring. VGA or DVI video cables and power extension cords are factory installed to each screen position, making it ideal as network operations center furniture.


Modular and Heavy-Duty Control Room Console Furniture Solutions


Our AgileVIEW and AbleVIEW modular control room consoles were created for heavy-use commercial and industrial applications. If your applications require an adjustable work surface check out our ErgonomicVIEW sit-stand adjustable workstations, with adjustable monitor viewing height and worksurface height.


With a rugged all-steel construction, our control room consoles are designed for 24/7 usage in industrial and commercial applications. Our durable powder coat finish comes in two standard colors or optional colors are available, with industrial grade laminate inlays to match your decor. The modular design allows for easy modification now or in the future, and the units ship fully assembled.


Design Expertise


ImageVision can also help you chose the best control room furniture solution for your unique application. You can give us a call, a fax, or contact us via e-mail. We’ll give you a reply within 48 hours.

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BCCK Engineering rated overall satisfaction and proposal to order process a 10. When asked what they like most about our control room furniture, " Greg replied, "very fit for purpose".  Greg was extremely pleased with the furniture and went on to add, "Mr. Tielsch was very helpful. Creating a graphic layout of the furniture inside our floor plan was very helpful in determing how to best utilize the available space".
Project Manager for Midmar Gas BCCK Engineering, Inc. Midland, TX AgileVIEW Midmar Gas, LLC Plant #3