Computer Lab Furniture and Desks

Designed for use in narrow spaces, our computer lab furniture and desks allow for easier visibility and access to cabinet mounted equipment.  The cabinets are raised off the floor, to give your feet plenty of room, and the rear panels are louvered for better ventilation.


Our desks provide a steady, stable worksurface, and the modular desks grow with you as your technical needs become more complex. They can be outfitted with file or pencil drawers, keyboard trays, mounted cabinets or shelving storage, and monitor supports which can be stacked up to 3 tiers high using standard 75mm or 100mm VESA mounts.


The under-desk cabinets, if selected, and the rear louvered panels or rear louvered doors allow for better ventilation and easy access to computers, servers, or other equipment.  We offer options such additions as equipment trays, rack rails for 19" EIA rack-mounted equipment, and subpanels. We can also provide sit-stand adjustable workstations for your computer lab.


Heat Dissipation and Electrical Isolation


The all-steel construction ensures effective heat dissipation compared to wood furniture, extending the life of your equipment, and the built-in cable trays with divided wireways provides additional electrical isolation between power and control wiring when needed.


Answering Your Questions


Feel free to ask us questions by phone, fax, or e-mail, or if you want, you can have an ImageVision consultant advise you on how to effectively design and deploy your computer lab furniture.  We’ll usually be able to give you a response within 48 hours, including AutoCAD layout drawings to meet your exact product needs.

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Adjustable-height ergonomic workstations ErgonomicVIEW Sit-Stand Workstation

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Mobile height adjustable workstation

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Sturdy, good design with a streamlined appearance. Debbie has been absolutely wonderful to work with from the day I took over the project. She has been extremely helpful in providing quick feedback and information when I needed it.  Debbie worked hard to get me up to speed on our previous project purchases and insured all new addition items would match. I wish all our dealings with Vendors were this easy!
Project Engineer Architect of the Capitol AgileVIEW Steam Boiler Control Room